Dear District 12 Community Members,

The Olinville Oldtimers Association LLC is standing by its initial decision not to host The Annual Olinville Oldtimers Reunion this year. 

In addition to concerns about COVID – Specifically The “Delta-19” COVID variant – which has been diagnosed in several hundred cases and now accounts for nearly half the new COVID cases in New York – we did not have time to raise funds and coordinate with our various sponsors, obtain permits, and contact the various entertainment entities… In short, we would not have been able to put on the quality event we are accustomed to giving the community every year. We would not jeopardize the safety of our friends and family members nor present an inferior product to you!

We realize many people are disappointed, and several noted individuals have expressed anger at this decision… It is not our intention to disappoint the community, and we fully respect anyone’s desire to gather on their own, and/or host an event of some nature to satisfy those persons who wish to gather this year. I, and several board members have been approached by community members asking that OOTR occur this year. I responded to these requests by saying I would discuss changing our decision with the board, it would be put to a vote, and that I would honor the outcome of that vote (For those not familiar with Roberts Rules of Order for Parliamentary Procedure, the Chair only votes in the event of a tie, as the deciding vote) The vote was unanimous that we stand by our initial decision not to have OOTR this year and begin planning for 2022. Regardless of my personal feelings on the matter – and for TOTAL transparency and FOR THE RECORD I AGREE WITH AND STAND BY THE BOARD’S DECISION IT SHOULD NOT BE HELD THIS YEAR! – As the Board chair I MUST honor and abide by the decision of the board as reached by a majority vote! It is what is ethically, morally right, and most of all (As we are a corporate entity with by-laws as required by the State of New York) LEGALLY BOUND to respect the decisions of the Board!

I hope you, the members of our District 12 Community understand this decision, and should you choose to attend any alternate gathering – whether informal or planned by another entity – that you do so safely!

On behalf of The Association We Hope to see ALL OF YOU NEXT YEAR at OOTR 2022!

Respectfully Yours,

Anthony G. Horne

Board Chair


A message from the Olinville Old-Timers Association to our Friends and Family.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we the Olinville Old-Timers Association share your thoughts and concerns. As we take the necessary steps to do our part to flatten the curve, we encourage you all to do the same. Stay home.

Save lives. Community first.

Learn more about COVID-19

A message from the Olinville Old-Timers Reunion Members

Dear Friends and Residents of the 12th District and the community of Williamsbridge in The Bronx, July 11, 2020 would have been our Annual Olinville Old-Timer’s Reunion for 2020 – But the year 2020 has been like no other in our livable memories.

In June, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we made the decision to postpone OOTR 2020 until further notice. It was our hope that we would be able to meet later this summer and enjoy seeing old friends again as in past years. However, by Executive Order of The Mayor of New York City, all large public events are cancelled until September 30th. continue reading